Corporate Sustainability – Policy and Reporting Frameworks

Corporate sustainability is rapidly developing, with many stakeholders increasingly demanding credible disclosures. Anureet has led the creation of corporate sustainability reports and aligned disclosures with ESG reporting frameworks (ISO, GRI, SASB, TCFD) for several large Canadian organizations. In addition, Anureet has subject matter expertise in building GHG reporting inventories and emission reduction strategies and has comprehensive knowledge of carbon pricing. Anureet has spoken at numerous conferences and academic institutions on how corporations can identify, quantify, and report climate risks. She has also rolled out climate literacy sessions at organizations to communicate the concepts of climate science in a meaningful way. 

Climate Justice

The climate justice movement acknowledges that climate change disproportionately impacts underserved communities. Anureet has extensively researched the intersectionality of climate, race, and equity. She was the first faculty member of Seneca College’s Sustainable Business Management Program to design a course on Climate Justice and how to move away from a binary view of sustainability. Anureet’s research and speaking engagements focus on how corporations can embrace the social side of ESG and apply a climate justice and equity lens to their climate strategy. Her work is rooted in the vision that we must develop a climate strategy with an equitable and community-led approach.

Careers in Sustainability

There is overwhelming information on sustainability and ESG on the internet. It’s an impact-driven field that many professionals want to transition to in North America. However, the barriers to entering the industry are still high. Early-professional employees and recent graduates are grappling with questions such as how do we enter this field without cumulative years of experience in sustainability? Anureet’s response has always been, “Every job is a climate job.” Through this one-hour packed insight workshop, Anureet provides actionable items on how employees can become climate champions for their organization. She also provides resourceful tips on how to find opportunities and internships in this growing sector.